It will be safe - new rules

The trade fair team, in line with the guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and in consultation with Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, developed detailed safety rules. At the entrance to EXPO Krakow, a mandatory temperature measurement will be introduced each time. A specialized system of thermal imaging cameras equipped with a blackbody module will be used for this purpose. This year, admission tickets will be free. All you need to do is register on the website, fill out an epidemiological questionnaire and on the day of the trade fair you can scan the downloaded ticket without contact. Mandatory electronic registration and the system of automatic counting of entries and exits should not significantly affect the waiting time for entering the fair. The lobby area will be organized in such a way as to minimize the number of people staying in one place. The staff will ensure regular disinfection of frequently touched infrastructure elements. At the trade fair, there will be an order to wear masks or helmets (if such regulations are still valid in September). The organizers will make it possible to purchase masks and gloves on the spot. This year, visitors will surely pay attention to the widened corridors (3 meters wide is required). This action will allow to keep the required distance at the queues to the stands. Information desks will be separated by glass - like in shops. There will be disinfectors in the common areas. - Fortunately, we have a facility with such an area and - what is important - cubature - that we can easily meet the sanitary safety requirements at our events. EXPO Krakow is fully prepared to organize events in the current situation. The JUBINALE Jewelery and Watches Trade Fair was held in June. It was a kind of test for the entire organizational team, which passed with flying colors. Both exhibitors and guests were satisfied. Sanitary protection - disinfection, dispensers with appropriate fluids, etc. - did not pose any difficulties, as did the obligation to wear masks. - ensures Grażyna Grabowska, President of Targi w Krakowie.

It will be in accordance with the regulations
On June 6, the exhibition industry was unfrozen and since then it is possible to organize trade fairs. On July 24, a ministerial ordinance which abolished further restrictions entered into force. Pursuant to the Act, at trade fairs, congresses, conferences, there will be one person per 2.5 m2. The social distance between guests will also be reduced - from 2 to 1.5 m. This means that the number of participants in the KRAKDENT® Dental Trade Fair in Krakow may be similar in numbers to the previous years.

It will be responsibly
When visiting the trade fair, we risk no more than going out for dinner at a restaurant or a coffee at a cafe. Social and cultural life has returned to normal. We go for walks in the park, relax on beaches and mountain trails. We visit museums and gyms. We meet with families and friends. It's high time to unfreeze your professional life as well. - In addition to returning to our workplaces, we returned to shops, galleries, cinemas, we returned to sports facilities. Covid 19 caused not only huge financial losses for dental offices, but also dental companies and shops. Losses were suffered by companies organizing conventions, conferences and exhibitions. It seems to me that we should demonstrate our dental solidarity by participating in KRAKDENT. We will express that we are one dental family. After all, we can wear masks and helmets, we can do it without squeezing and kissing in greeting, and a distance of about 2 meters will only allow us to talk freely with companies. - notes prof. dr hab. Marek Ziętek. Dariusz Kościelniak, a dentist, is of a similar opinion - If we maintain the appropriate sanitary regime during the trade fair, I am convinced that the risk will not be greater than during our visit to the store. Dentists have been working under strict security measures since the beginning of the pandemic and are used to it, so it will not be any problem for them, but only a minor inconvenience.

It will be nice
This year, for the first time, KRAKDENT® will be held in September - one of the most magical months. Intense light, lush vegetation that gently changes its color, a delicate fragrance of autumn in the air. This is the perfect time to combine business with pleasure and, after long talks at the stands, go for a walk around the city. Reservations in hotels should be made as soon as possible, this year most Poles will spend their holidays in the country, so the hotels will be full. - The tourism industry, as badly affected by the epidemic as ours, understands that companies need to support each other in this difficult time. That is why we have good news for KRAKDENT participants: much lower prices in many hotels in Krakow. So there will be no price increase, as in many other places, quite the opposite. We all try to make Krakow vibrant with life and business meetings. - adds Grażyna Grabowska.

It will be different, but it will be!
This year's trade fair will certainly be different, but it does not mean that it will be less beneficial for the participants. We are all hungry for meetings and normality. We have to come to terms with reality and learn to live in a changed reality. The upcoming trade fair will be the first opportunity for dentists in over half a year to supplement materials and tools, often purchased at trade fairs at a more favorable price. As usual, there will be trainings and exhibitions, but this time in the sanitary regime, which means, among others, appropriate distances between participants. The KRAKDENT® trade fair provides a fantastic opportunity to meet with long-lost colleagues from the industry. - In September I am going to the KRAKDENT® Dental Trade Fair, I hope that I will also meet my colleagues from dentists from all parts of Poland there! See you in Cracow! - announces Dr. Maciej Żarow, MD, PhD.

And we also say: See you at KRAKDENT®!

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