EXPO Krakow

For many years now, the capital city of the Małopolska region has been one of the most important travel destinations, including those who travel on business. While the Main Market Square and the Kazimierz district of Kraków are often chosen for coffee meetings, the EXPO Krakow International Exhibition and Convention Centre hosts much bigger events. Targi w Krakowie is the owner and exclusive operator of the largest venue in the south of Poland, designed to host a limitless range of events!

The key characteristic of EXPO Krakow is its multifunctionality. The large (14,000 sq.m) open space provides plenty of room for trade shows, exhibitions and conferences. The exhibition hall can be converted into an auditorium for 5,000 people. EXPO Krakow also comprises a number of air-conditioned modular conference rooms, a spacious lobby and a restaurant.