A culinary guide


We present to you a culinary guide to Krakow, which we hope will enhance your stay in our city.

The guide was created in collaboration with Targi w Krakowie company and Kati Płachecka - a culinary journalist running the krakowfood.pl portal, and the creator of the @krakowfood.kati account (the largest Instagram account in Krakow dedicated to gastronomy from Krakow and Małopolska).

In the guide, you will find interesting places for every time of day that you must visit!

The guide aligns with our bleisure strategy and is a response to the needs of our clients, who, while attending trade fairs, congresses, conferences, and events, also want to explore Krakow.

The e-book is available online below or for download in PDF format.




Have you heard that real Cracovians are in no hurry anywhere and have time for everything? They have a particular fondness for breakfasts out in town. If you want to find out what it looks like - and more importantly, what it tastes like - a morning in Kraków style, check out my recommendations. I have selected the best and most proven addresses for you to get a taste of the „before 10 am.” Kraków lifestyle. All of the breakfast places described below serve breakfast seven days a week. Each place has vegetarian options on the menu.




    1 Romanowicza St.
    District: Zabłocie

    Don’t let the name of this place fool you. Galeria Tortów Artystycznych (Artistic Cake Gallery) is the address for coffee with a pastry and a fantastic breakfast (also savory). For the first meal of the day, the Galeria offers, among other things, buttery brioche with scrambled eggs, caramelized onions, and grated Comté cheese. There are a lot of accents and flavors native to Paris, but there’s also plenty of familiar Polish cottage cheese. Baristas work with specialty quality coffee and teas. From Friday to Sunday, the breakfast menu delights with gourmet dishes, such as the continental breakfast for two served on a porcelain platter. The cafe is also famous for its viennoiserie, so leave here with a fresh croissant or pain au chocolat!

    SEE NEARBY: Schindler Factory Museum

    • PORANKI.jpg


    4 Plac Bawół
    District: Kazimierz

    A trendy breakfast place, where queues often form. Those queuing up know it’s worth waiting for a free table. The gastronomic adventure of the owner of Poranki began with a studio of sweet baked goods (as proof, in the cafe, you will find a display case full of her best sweets, including her famous cheesecakes). Despite its name, Poranki (pl. mornings) serves breakfast until late afternoon. You’ll find both savory and sweet dishes on the menu. It is a good address for waffles, American pancakes, and French toast. The breakfast burger with white sausage and a fried egg will work for big hunger. There’s also a delicious vegan bowl full of vegetables and legumes. The servings at Mornings are generous, and the food looks beautiful and tastes great.

    SEE NEARBY: Old Synagogue, Szeroka Street

    • FORNIR.jpg


    12 Dluga St. (in the courtyard)
    District: Old Town

    The Fornir is a well-known and well-liked place that is frequented for breakfast and coffee with something sweet. The breakfast menu features sandwiches on home-baked sourdough bread, generously laden with seasonal produce from Stary Kleparz - a nearby market square with several centuries of history. You can choose from several plates to accompany your sandwiches, creating your unique breakfast set. Vegetarians and vegans will be pleased. A selection of sweet baked goods is the order of the day at Fornir: rustic yeast cakes, crumbly cream tubes, cakes, and cheesecakes. Fornir’s baristas will brew specialty coffee for you. The place is worth visiting, especially on sunny days, as it has a picturesque garden in its secluded courtyard.

    SEE NEARBY: Barbican, Planty Park, Stary Kleparz Market

    • TARTALETTE.jpg


    15 Stradomska St. (in the courtyard)
    District: Kazimierz

    Confectionery and cafe, serving delicious breakfasts throughout the day. The vast menu is dominated by light and sweet breakfasts. The dishes are made with fresh vegetables and fruits, creamy labneh, and homemade jams, accompanied by soft-boiled eggs, cheeses, and homemade challah. The café’s windows are packed with baked goods created in the
    traditional pastry shop. Tartelette’s baked goods are a perfect marriage between the pastry we remember from childhood and modern Parisian patisserie. It’s worth sitting on the patio from spring to autumn, although the café’s designer interior offers unmissable ambience too. The coffee comes from a local roaster, and in addition to the classic drinks, you’ll always find exciting offerings for the season. Try the walnut and coffee cake, Viennese cheesecake, nougat cake, and rose eclairs.

    SEE NEARBY: Wawel Royal Castle, Planty Park



    21 Św. Filipa St.
    District: Old Town

    It’s the only address in the book where you won’t find homemade baked goods. This address is all about beef, with no pastry counter but a refrigerator stacked with premium quality meats and steaks. After all, Pimiento is a well-known steak house in Kraków, and their location is on Św. Filipa Street is a store with a bistro. But let’s get back to the breakfast, which I sincerely recommend. Almost all of the breakfasts at Pimiento contain meat (there is always only one dish for vegetarians on the menu). Most items are thick-cut slices of artisan sourdough bread from a nearby bakery, richly laden with cured meats, Jamón Serrano, black pudding, tartare, or... steak. The best answer to a specific caloric supply need will be their breakfast burger. If you want to try something very Cracovian, go for the sandwich with serdelek sausage. Pimiento is adjacent to the iconic Stary Kleparz market, so stroll among the stands after breakfast
    to pick up some fresh oscypek cheese.

    SEE NEARBY: Stary Kleparz Market, St. Florians Basilica



    5 Przemyska St.
    District: Kazimierz

    Although located in a hotel, it is so frequented by Kraków residents that it has become a favorite place for all freelancers to eat and work (you’ll know them by their three cups of coffee, crumbs, and laptops on their laps). The cafeteria at the PURO Kazimierz Hotel is a large and beautifully decorated space conducive to meetings, including business meetings. However, a solo traveler will feel at ease there. At MAK, you’ll eat breakfast from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm, and vegetarian and vegan options are always on the menu. If you want to grab a coffee with something sweet, choose fresh baked goods from the counter. I particularly recommend the chocolate and walnut „strucla”, which, despite its considerable
    size, disappears in no time. I recommend a classic for meat lovers: the Reuben sandwich; for the meatless, a huge chickpea shakshuka that will satiate for hours.

    SEE NEARBY: Galicja Museum, Vistula River banks

    • WESOŁA CAFE.jpg


    17 Rakowicka St.
    District: Wesoła

    A well-known and respected café-institution is close to the Main Railway Station. Are you an early bird? It’s a good thing because Wesola serves breakfast from 7:30 am. In addition, you can count on specialty coffee brewed in several ways and a large selection of top-quality teas. The extensive breakfast menu includes eggs, bagels, and more complex and fancy sets. It’s nutritious and healthy, both for meat eaters and vegans. The kitchen operates throughout the day. Some time ago, Wesoła Cafe expanded to include its artisan bakery, BUKA, in the same building. Get something for the road from there. If you are going to Wesoła with a few people, it is worth reserving a table. In summer, you can enjoy the
    spacious garden in the inside courtyard.

    SEE NEARBY: Museum of Photography in Krakow



    5 Meiselsa St. (District: Kazimierz)
    1 Przemyslowa St. (District: Zablocie)

    At both Somnium locations, you won’t have a huge breakfast, but you will get delicious sandwiches, locally baked cookies, and pastries. Somnium had to be included in this guide because it’s simply my favorite coffee shop with good energy and even better coffee (specialty quality). Look at the baked goods because there’s always something tasty waiting there - cheesecake, lemon cake, or cinnamon cake. At Somnium, regulars mix with tourists; you can ensconce yourself here with your laptop and work. Or you can do nothing - enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and recharge your inner battery for the rest of the day.


    • TOCIEKAWA.jpg


    37 Długa St.
    District: Old Town

    The place for something sweet! Tociekawa Cafe’s signature cakes are cheesecakes - baked on-site and available daily in at least a few flavors. You’ll also see jars of tiramisu (oh so worth it!). The bar offers a great selection of specialty coffees, including many exciting drinks, such as coffee with halva and orange juice with matcha. Tea lovers should also try another tea variation - Hojicha Flat. Tociekawa can be crowded and bustling, so I recommend the quiet basement room for meetings and work, where you can view the kitchen and peek at the bakers. This cafe is the perfect pit stop to relax and replenish caffeine and... calories. Take a look at the backyard - Tociekawa has a huge, green garden.

    SEE NEARBY: Stary Kleparz Market, Barbican



    • Old Town: Bun Bakery, Karma, Astrid, Krusz, Charlotte, Massolit Bakery, Smakołyki, Bhajan Cafe, Przesada, Bistro Bene, Szalej Cafe
    • Kazimierz: Ranny Ptaszek, Hummus Amamamusi, Bazaar Bistro, Urban Coffee, Muhabbet, Charlotte Menora, Suwayda
    • Stare Podgórze: Targowa 2, Spoko Pub, Crush, Forum, Urban Coffee
    • Zabłocie: Kawa – Romanowicza, Knitted Coffee
    • Grzegórzki: Figle, Sady Bistro
    • Nowa Huta: Czyżyk, Centralka
    • Salwator: Zaczyn
    • Dębniki: Cafe Manggha, Zielna bar kawowy, Królowa Przedmieścia
    • Ruczaj: Fusy i okruchy
    • Krowodrza and Bronowice: Bałtyk Bar, Public Order, Słodko i czule, Urban Coffee, Korba i Młynek


At lunchtime in Kraków, you can also see the characteristic rhythm of city life. Like at breakfast, Cracovians like to get together for a meal during the day too. Restaurants in the city offer a variety of lunch options —you’ll get both traditional dishes and those from the farthest corners of the world. Are you in the mood for dumplings? You’ll find them here in more than a dozen flavors. Or would you prefer pasta or pizza today? You can count on a reliable menu and friendly service at each place I mention below. Lunch in Kraków can become a unique experience. Allow yourself to fully experience the local culture and take your time savoring the delicious food.

    • CIEPŁO.jpg


    15 Dietla St.
    District: Kazimierz

    This Ukrainian restaurant offers lunches, which I particularly appreciate for their homey feel (and expect that in the decor as well). The lunch set is available Tuesday till Friday from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. There is always a choice of three soups and three main courses, such as Ukrainian borscht, soup with meatballs, baked thighs with new potatoes and salad, and dumplings with potatoes or meat. The restaurant offers excellent value for money, as we will eat solid portions in the 34-37 zloty range! For all those who long for homemade flavors and cuisine „like at grandma’s.”

    SEE NEARBY: Wawel Royal Castle, Sanctuary of St. Stanislaus in Krakow

    • SMAKOŁYKI.jpg


    28 Straszewskiego St.
    District: Old Town

    For 36 zloty, a different lunch set (soup and main course—meat or vegetarian) with compote is offered daily. Lunches of the day are available Monday through Friday, from
    12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Smakołyki is also worth a look for à la carte dishes. They cook delicious Polish food. Here, you’ll find everything Polish cuisine has to offer—from stuffed
    cabbage gołąbki and handmade pierogies to pork chops.

    SEE NEARBY: National Museum of Krakow, Collegium Novum UJ

    • KARAKTER.jpg


    17 Brzozowa St.
    District: Kazimierz

    Cracovians’ favorite lunches are probably those served at Karakter restaurant, awarded by the Michelin Guide. You can arrange your lunch set (for 53 PLN) from three appetizers, three main courses, and two desserts. The Mule bar is also popular at lunchtime: mules in a choice of six sauces with a baguette or fries (PLN 43). If you opt for a set, i.e., mules with an appetizer and dessert, the price rises to 59 zlotys.
    To say that Karakter is an iconic place on the gastromap of Cracow is to say nothing. It’s simply a must go.

    SEE NEARBY: Temple Synagogue, Remuh Synagogue

    • SALUTE.jpg


    4 Romanowicza St.
    District: Zabłocie

    The lunch set can be ordered from Monday to Friday, from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Lunch for 45 zlotys includes an appetizer, the main course, and dessert. Every day, you can choose from three appetizers and three main courses. Meatless dishes are always available. Moreover, Salute offers great prices for coffee and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at lunchtime. Be sure to try the lemon-vanilla lemonade!

    SEE NEARBY: MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow

    • ZAZIE BISTRO.jpg


    34 Józefa St.
    District: Kazimierz

    At the French restaurant Zazie, Karakter’s big sister, the lunch set, priced at PLN 49, is chosen from three appetizers, three main courses, and two desserts. What boasts, dessert can be exchanged for coffee, tea, cider, or a glass of house wine. For connoisseurs, there is a lunch gratin - a much-loved potato casserole in one of two versions: goat cheese and spinach or duck and leeks. Included with an appetizer and
    dessert, you’ll pay PLN 57. The perfect location for exploring the wonderful Kazimierz.

    SEE NEARBY: High Synagogue, Plac Nowy Square

    • HELLO INDIA.jpg


    24 Augustiańska St. (entrance from Węgłowa St.)
    District: Kazimierz

    What is a Thali lunch? It’s a tray full of small portions, creating a delicious, filling meal. Hello India serves it in two versions: meat or vegetarian. The lunch consists of five smaller items served on a tray: a meat or vegetarian dish, lentil dahl, raita, salad, and rice or naan bread. In addition, you can choose the level of spiciness of the dishes. Lunch is available Monday through Friday from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm and costs 35-39 zlotys.

    SEE NEARBY: Ethnographic Museum, St. Katherine’s Church

    • TAJ.jpg


    19 Miodowa St. (Kazimierz)
    9 Szpitalna St. (Old Town)

    Fast and competitively priced lunch offerings are available in both meat and vegan versions. Taj serves lunches Monday through Friday from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. For 37 zlotys, you get a set: appetizer or soup, the main course, and water. The restaurant has ample space for meetings in both locations, allowing you to relax for a while; you will be surprised by the eye-pleasing design.

    • NORMA.jpg


    5 Życzkowskiego St.
    District: Czyżyny

    A casual, neighborhood pasta shop in the style of a trendy cantina. Locals, polytechnic students, and employees of nearby offices gather at tables. From Monday to Friday, from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm, a lunch offer (35 PLN) operates here. The set price includes soup
    and the main course: pasta made on site, with a different sauce daily. Lunches are available in two versions: meat and vegetarian. You don’t have to go to the city center to visit Norma. As a result, the restaurant has something that most restaurants in Kraków
    cannot provide: ample free parking for customers. Once lunch is over, you can stretch your legs in the nearby Aviators Park.

    SEE NEARBY: Aviation Museum, Polish Aviators Park

    • PIZZA.png


    What are the best places in Kraków to get Neapolitan-style pizza?

    • N’Pizza (3 Rajska Street) and Sette (32 Zwierzyniecka Street) are in the Old Town.
    • In Kazimierz, one visits Nolio POP (33 A Miodowa Street), Placek Wolnica (2 Wolnica Square), and the iconic NOLIO (27 Krakowska St.), which opens at 4:00 pm.
    • Pizzerias in Old Podgórze also perform very well: OLIO (7 Nadwiślańska Street), Pizzeria 00 (32 Kalwaryjska Street) and My Pizza (4 Józefińska Street).
    • Outside the city center, it’s worth going to Numero Uno pizzeria in the north of Kraków (1 Franciszka Kniaznina St., Mistrzejowice), famous for its canotto-style - pizza with a raised puffy edge.

    All the pizzerias mentioned above operate with the respect for the Neapolitan pizza principles, using ingredients imported from Italy. You will be satisfied!

    • 24.jpg


    In Kraków, we have delicious sushi bars with excellent lunch offerings.

    • In the backstreets of the Old Town, it’s worth finding the elegant Nami Beef & Reef (13 Stolarska St), where sets, priced from 50 to 95 PLN, consist of sushi, tempura, and grilled meats and vegetables. The lunch offer also includes vegetarian sets. Nearby is Nago Sushi & Sake (7 Św. Gertrudy St.), with lunch menus priced at 49-95 PLN. Sets in six variants include a vegetable appetizer (marinated
      turnip salad with kimchi, wakame, and pickled cucumbers), sushi, the main course, and dessert (ginger ice cream with teriyaki caramel).
    • There are two small, intimate sushi bars worth visiting in Kazimierz: Youmiko Sushi (2 Józefa St.) and Daigo Sushi (5 Bocheńska St.). Each offers a fish or vegan version of lunch. These places have a little seating but a great passion for masterfully made sushi.
    • In the Zablocie neighborhood, check out Hankki Asian Restaurant (19A Zablocie Street, entrance from Przemyslowa Street). From Tuesday to Friday (12:00 pm -4:00 pm), there is a lunch menu with sushi sets in a bento box. You can order a bowl of Sake Dango or Kimchi Fried Rice for 35 PLN. The beautiful zen-style interior is suitable for meetings, including business meetings.
    • Stare Podgórze belongs to Yatai Sushi (14 Rynek Podgórski). A set for 42 PLN at Yatai includes misoshiru soup with tofu, a bowl with grilled rib eye, rice, pickles, and vegetables, and futomaki with grilled salmon and kabayaki sauce. The menu changes daily.


Choose a restaurant from the list below if you’re looking to delight your business partners with great food and wine and talk business in a comfortable environment. These places are known for their excellent cuisine and impeccable, discreet service. Many of them have private VIP rooms that can be rented exclusively. At these places, the contracts sign themselves!

    • POD RÓŻĄ.jpg


    14 Floriańska St.
    District: Old Town

    The Pod Różą restaurant is located in the hotel of the same name. Tucked away from the crowds streaming down Florianska Street, it provides peace and impresses with its high-end, minimalist decor. Young chef Mateusz Szul continues the place’s tradition of more than two decades, offering guests original cuisine created with premium products. I won’t exaggerate when I say that absolutely every dish on the menu here is noteworthy (try the legendary handmade pappardelle pasta with ceps in a rosemary essence demi-glace sauce). Seven days a week, the restaurant serves a tasting lunch priced at PLN 79, which includes a tray of appetizers with sourdough bread, a main course, and dessert (the menu changes daily). The Pod Różą has been on Michelin’s radar for years - the restaurant boasts the Michelin Guide recommendation. The restaurant has an excellent selection of wines from its imports. At Pod Różą, you can rent the Chef’s Room - a private dining space for a dozen people. It is possible to order a tasting menu.

    SEE NEARBY: St. Florian’s Gate, St. Mary’s Church



    2 Józefińska St.
    District: Stare Podgórze

    The restaurant is in Kraków’s most picturesque corners, right by the Bernatka Footbridge, or Kraków’s „lovers bridge.” ZaKładka has been working on its brand since 2013 and boasts both Michelin and Wine Spectator recommendations. French cuisine straight from Parisian bistros reigns here: tartare with fries, moules, snails, onion soup and crème brûlée. Also noteworthy are dishes inspired by Polish cuisine. The menu changes frequently, depending on the season and what inspires chef Rafal Targosz. There are also dishes of the day written on a blackboard. It is worth asking for them, as they are always exciting and refined proposals. ZaKładka has ample space and private rooms that can accommodate groups ranging from a dozen to as many as 40 people.

    SEE NEARBY: Cricoteka Museum, Podgórski Sqare

    • ED RED.jpg

    ED RED

    7 Bocheńska St.
    District: Kazimierz

    The secret to Ed Red’s success lies in providing guests with an exclusive dining experience in a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant’s décor is dominated by wood and bare brick, while the open kitchen shortens the distance and allows guests to peek at the team’s work. Instead of white gloves, waiters wear casual striped cotton t-shirts, which doesn’t detract from their impeccable service, hospitality, and knowledge of wines. Ed Red’s concept, initially established in 2014, closed during the pandemic. After a nearly four-year pause, it has returned with vigour. Ed Red wants to be known not only for the best steaks but also for organic poultry. Hence, the place’s full name today is Ed Red Steak & Poultry House.

    SEE NEARBY: Museum of Municipal Engineering

    • PIMENTO.jpg


    23 Józefa St. (Kazimierz)
    13 Stolarska St. (Old Town)

    In Kraków, Pimiento has been considered the place with the best steaks for over a dozen years. It’s a steakhouse for picky customers, as you’ll find a selection of premium Argentine steaks, Wagyu beef, and Japanese Kobe beef. The menu also offers options for pescatarians and vegetarians. Here, you can expect perfect, welltrained, and discreet service, advising you on what to order and helping you select a wine that perfectly matches your desired dish. The restaurant on Stolarska Street has premises in a larger area and also has a VIP room rented on an exclusive basis.



    13 Stolarska St.
    District: Old Town

    It’s no secret that upscale restaurant Nami belongs to the same owners as neighboring steakhouse Pimiento, so you can expect a top-notch culinary experience. Their latest project expresses the delight in premium quality food and combines products from the land (beef) and the sea (reef). Here, you will get, among other things, Scottish salmon, bluefin tuna, lobster, Wagyu beef, and Iberico pork. Japanese Robata grill, sushi, and tempura reign supreme in the kitchen. The restaurant encourages guests to share dishes. Nami’s chef, Korean Taiyo Jung, has already been recognized by the Michelin Guide in the past, and it’s only a matter of time before Nami receives an honorable recognition. Nami also transports its guests to an exotic coral reef with its huge marine aquarium, adorning the interior.

    SEE NEARBY: Basilica of Holy Trinity, Main Market Square, Cloth Hall

    • NAGO SUSHI.jpg


    7 Św. Gertrudy St.
    District: Old Town

    Just outside Kraków’s Planty Park and a stone’s throw from Wawel Castle there is Nago, an elegant yet intimate sushi bar with a large selection of sake. In addition to sushi, the menu also features noteworthy tuna tartare, Argentine shrimp ceviche, and red snapper tiradito. Upon request, Nago has a pleasant private room that can accommodate a group of a dozen people. It is worth sitting at the bar and watching the efficient work of the sushi masters.

    SEE NEARBY: Wawel Royal Castle, Planty Park

    • SZARA GĘŚ.jpg


    17 Rynek Główny
    District: Old Town

    Probably the most impressive private rooms in Kraków are those in Szara Gęś restaurant. The restaurant’s fanciful decor reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. The interiors are richly decorated yet cohesive and cozy - all my guests felt perfectly at home here. Szara Gęś Le Privé offers refined Polish cuisine, and its showpiece dish is a confit leg of goose with red cabbage and sauce made from Suska Sechlońska (dried, smoked plum), a regional product from Lesser Poland. Also worth trying is the company’s dessert Szara Gęś - an impressive goose egg made of chocolate hiding a delicious filling. Diners can order à la carte or opt for the tasting menu. Szara Gęś Le Privé is located on the second floor of the historic building. It offers a fantastic view of Main Square, St. Mary’s Church, and the tiny St. Adalbert’s Church.

    SEE NEARBY: Main Market Square, Cloth Hall, St. Mary’s Church



    14A Halicka St.
    District: Kazimierz

    It is undoubtedly one of the most pleasant hotel restaurants in Kraków. Chef Hubert Tabak offers his guests local products from the Lesser Poland region, such as Piękny Jaś beans, Marszowicki cheese, and bacon from the Wolarek family. The menu is all about sharing and includes both vegetarian and vegan dishes. The restaurant’s ample space provides room, and despite its growing popularity, it is not crowded, and everyone can find a comfortable table (or several for a larger group). There is also a lovely patio, which can be used during good weather. Dozens of lamps hanging over guests’ heads give the impression of sitting under a starry sky—it’s worth experiencing.


Evenings are the most magical in Kraków. When the sun sets upon the Planty, it is the perfect time to think about a good dinner. Where to spend an evening in this magical city? I have prepared elegant suggestions and casual places where fantastic food plays the first fiddle.

    • EUSKADI.jpg


    4 Brodzińskiego St.
    District: Stare Podgórze

    An absolute culinary phenomenon on a Polish scale - cuisine from the Basque country in the form of elegant pintxos snacks. What should you try here? Certainly classics such as tortilla clasica, croquetas de jamon and shrimp. The grilled calamari with sepia sauce (chipiron a’la plancha), soft-shell crab in bisque sauce (Cangrejo), and the classic octopus with roasted potatoes sprinkled with coarse salt (Pulpo) have been Damian Surowiec’s, the chef-owner, signature dishes since the opening in 2017. For connoisseurs, there’s rabbit liver in cream and pink-cooked pork tenderloin with confit potatoes (Solimillo Iberibo de Bellota), among others. A daily specials menu is also available, featuring interesting cuts of meat, fresh seafood (including sea urchins, percebes, and razor clams), and seasonal specialties such as a zucchini flower stuffed with goat cheese. Euskadi offers excellent wines and vermouths to accompany the food.

    SEE NEARBY: Podgórski Square, Bednarski Park

    • FILIPA 18.jpg

    FILIPA 18

    18 Św. Filipa St.
    District: Old Town

    Filipa 18 is a small restaurant tucked away in Hotel Indigo. I appreciate its intimate atmosphere, which allows you to forget about the outside world. The interior is decorated in turquoise, gray, and white shades with wood elements to facilitate a comfortable rest. On the walls, characterful posters of Polish artists please the eyes. But coming back to the wonders of the cuisine - Chef Marcin Soltys feeds deliciously: his tartar and herring in Kraków style are must-try appetizers. The menu is dominated by Polish cuisine at its best. The immediate vicinity of Stary Kleparz Market obliges - you will see products from Kleparz stalls on the menu. After 5 pm, you can order a meat or fish tasting menu. This restaurant has deservedly received a recommendation from the Michelin Guide. Filipa 18 restaurant is the best place to try a Kraków classic—the famous Maczanka—but in a fine-dining edition.

    SEE NEARBY: Stary Kleparz Market, St. Florians Basilica

    • NOTA RESTO.jpg


    17 Św. Krzyża St.
    District: Old Town

    It’s elegant and exclusive - Nota Resto uses premium products such as venison, scallops, foie gras, and truffles. The chef is called Michal Cienki, a young and talented chef who has already commanded more than one excellent restaurant in the city. At Nota, I am also impressed by the sommelier - Tomasz Kąkol. He is an outstanding specialist, a true enthusiast of spirits of different volatility, and a talented mixologist. This duo and their experienced team offer their
    guests an exceptional culinary experience. Nota Resto is worth a visit for both à la carte dining and a tasting menu with wine pairing. Nota is perhaps the only address in the city where you can order a Beef Wellington daily.

    SEE NEARBY: Słowacki Theatre, Planty Park

    • CZECZOTKA.png


    1 Wiślna St.
    District: Old Town

    It is quite a treat for seekers of exquisite and outstanding flavors. In the driver’s seat of Czeczotka’s kitchen there is Chef Patron Paweł Grabowski - a chef whose resume includes three years at Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal’s three Michelin-starred legendary restaurant. He is educated in a culture of working with premium products, so he follows
    the same principles in his kitchen. The attention to detail can be seen and felt on every plate served. The cooks season the meats themselves (one of the restaurant’s strongest assets!) and bake excellent bread. Fresh French Gillardeau oysters are served here every Thursday. The restaurant overlooks the Main Market Square and the majestic City Hall tower. In summer, you can enjoy tables outside. It’s worth popping in, even before the Michelin inspectors do.
    Czeczotka’s signature dishes are The Bloody Mayor’s Delicacy and Maczanka Czeczotka (on the photo).

    SEE NEARBY: Main Market Square, City Cloth Hall, Philharmonic in Krakow

    • LCONCEPT 13.png


    13 Rynek Główny
    District: Old Town

    Another gem in the Main Square, or more precisely... under its surface. A restaurant hidden from the world, whose location is passed from mouth to mouth - because who would have guessed that a well-stocked wine bar and restaurant is hidden underground? This restaurant has a small menu that fits on one page but it is packed with good items only. The menu changes seasonally, and thanks to Vinoteka13 - bottles from its collection are sold in the restaurant at no extra charge. Yet another reason to book a table. Food is created in the open kitchen, and it’s a spectacle that’s hard to take your eyes off.

    SEE NEARBY: Main Market Square, Cloth Hall



    5 Bocheńska St.
    District: Kazimierz

    A visit to the only restaurant in Poland awarded with two Michelin stars requires reservations several months in advance. So, if you plan to visit Kraków, check if tables are available! Dinner in such a place is an experience that does
    not only consist of excellent food but also the right choice of wines, stories, and excellent service that creates an unforgettable atmosphere. It is worth experiencing at least once. Didn’t manage to book a seat this time? Check out chef Przemyslaw Klima’s new casual concept - Bufet (8 Dajwór St., Kazimierz).

    SEE NEARBY: Museum of Municipal Engineering, Ethnographic Museum in Krakow

    • NOAH.jpg


    24 Meiselsa St.
    District: Kazimierz

    A restaurant featuring Israeli cuisine. The menu is built around the concept of small plates for sharing. They bring some color to the relatively monochromatic interior of the restaurant. Vegetarian flavors and meat dishes are balanced here, allowing you to compose a very diverse and satisfying feast. The owners of NOAH stipulate that classic Jewish dishes are only an inspiration for them, as the leading role on the plates is played by products sourced from local suppliers and growers. NOAH may appear elegant through the crystal chandeliers, but don’t be fooled - this is a place where you can feel at ease.

    SEE NEARBY: Nowy Square, Temple Synagogue

    • KARAKTER.jpg


    17 Brzozowa St.
    District: Kazimierz

    I’ve already mentioned them in the lunches chapter, but this place has much more to offer you. This is cuisine flowing with butter and laden with lard. You must try the long-roasted beef rib, and don’t be afraid of dishes which names don’t sound familiar. If you want to try offal (often called a „fifth” quarter), do it at Karakter. Choose tripe, brains, or pig’s ears - here, they are ordered daily and convince the unconvinced. Among the must-try items, I must include the iconic tartare and mules in żurek (rye soup) - check out how great this combination works. At Karakter, spirits, especially natural wines, play an equally important role as food.

    SEE NEARBY: Nowy Square, Temple Synagogue, Banksy Museum

    • VAMOS.jpg


    6 Brodzińskiego St.
    District: Stare Podgórze

    This little bistro feels like a spontaneous night fiesta on the side streets of Barcelona. It is not only the guests who have a good time here, but also the staff - a laid-back, warm, and direct team, taking care of the place’s good Mediterranean vibes. At the entrance, we see a display case packed with colorful tapas and a bar with natural wine, ciders, and vermouths. There’s also a perfectly polished menu of hot dishes. What to order? Preferably everything! The food at Vamos is made for sharing. The menu changes frequently, and you can taste the influence of the seasons. Vegetarians will find plenty of delicious options. Vamos can be crowded during the week, so booking a table in advance is a good idea.

    SEE NEARBY: Bernatka Bridge, Rynek Podgórski

    • MOLAM.jpg


    3/4 Rajska St. (entrance from Dolnych Młynów St.)
    District: Old Town

    Lively and loud - that’s the Molam Thai Canteen & Bar. Note: you will not eat Pad Thai at this place. The menu changes almost daily but has a few ironclad items you must try. These include coconut Khao Soi soup, slowgrilled glazed bacon, all sorts of curries (including vegan), and fried chicken gizzards. Molam stands out for its excellent service - you can always count on them to recommend the best dishes and matching drinks. Molam has gained recognition in the eyes of Michelin inspectors, who awarded it the Bib Gourmand badge for great value for money. Well-deserved! Also, check out Luktung (11 Rynek Podgórski, Stare Podgórze), the second and also delicious place by MOLAM’s owners.


Kraków has plenty of excellent restaurants, museums, and theaters, but those are only some of the city’s attractions for fun lovers. In addition to exquisite meals, culture, and world-class art, you can also find entertainment in escape rooms, bowling alleys, or karaoke bars—ideal places to entertain a larger group. Want to paint the town red, creating unforgettable memories? Check out the addresses below!

    • KRĘGLE.jpg


    Hala Centralna (41a Centralna Street) has eight bowling lanes and pool tables. In the vicinity of Nowy Kleparz, the Klub Prominent (17 Kamienna Street) offers very affordable prices. The club provides two bowling lanes, pool tables, darts, and foosball. It hosts karaoke on Thursdays and salsa and bachata parties on Fridays. You can also go bowling in the heart of Kazimierz. Plac Nowy 1 is both the address and the name of a bowling club with six lanes. The Zablocie district is home to the largest bowling club in Kraków - Bowling House (14b Klimeckiego Street), with 12 lanes available. Billiards and arcades like those from old American movies are also waiting on site.

    • KARAOKE.jpg


    An increasing number of venues in Kraków organize karaoke nights. Amateurs of live singing can have fun in unique karaoke bars and at parties in various pubs and clubs.

    • You can sing right on the Main Square, on the legendary stage of Klub Pod Jaszczurami (8 Rynek Glowny). Karaoke is organized there from Sunday to Thursday and starts at 9:00 pm. This is one of many addresses for karaoke in the very center of Kraków.
    • You will sing at Project Manhattan Karaoke Bar (5 St. Anne Street) every day after 8:00 p.m.
    • Karaoke is held every Thursday at Rin Pub&Club (14 Szewska Street, Old Town).
    • Let’s Sing Karaoke Bar (34 Grodzka Street, Old Town) is nearby.
    • Shy singers will enjoy the Karaoke Spot, a special place with private karaoke rooms (13 Westerplatte Street), open Tuesday through Saturday, from 5 pm to midnight.
    • ESCAPE ROOM.jpg


    Do you like puzzles? Escape rooms are an excellent form of entertainment for people who like putting their brains to the test. The biggest puzzle enthusiasts want to pass through as many rooms as possible and travel to other cities and countries! Thanks to the diversity of themes and the need for cooperation between team members, they are perfect for corporate teams’ integration activities. Surprising puzzles in dozens of themed rooms await you in these Kraków escape rooms:

    • Center of Kraków: SicMundus (16a/2 Szlak Street), ExitRoom (18/5 Floriańska Street), Scary Hostel (44 Karmelicka Street), Lost Bar (20 Szewska Street), Lock & Roll (4 Łobzowska Street), GameScape (74 Kościuszki Street).
    • Nowa Huta: Escape Kraków (Osiedle Ogrodowe 12), Fun Park (Osiedle Teatralne 10).


I encourage you to discover the Kraków bar scene presenting the world’s highest level. It is not an idle talk, as Kraków’s bartenders compete successfully in international competitions. Bringing together many talented sommeliers and winemakers, Kraków is also considered the Polish capital of natural wines. If you want to get to know them, why not here? Beer brewing is also doing well here. The city boasts many local beer brands and many well-stocked multitap pubs. I have selected the
best ones for you, where you will have a great time with quality beverages.

    • TAG.jpg


    In Kazimierz:

    • The Trust (3 Węgłowa St.) is a bar where cocktails taste great and surprise with their unusual serving method.

    In the Old Town:

    • TAG (7 Podwale St.) - the only cocktail bar in Poland that made it to the list of the world’s 100 best bars according to The World 50 Best,
    • Mercy Brown (28 Straszewskiego St.) is a so-called speakeasy—a hidden bar that you enter from another restaurant. A courteous doorman will collect your coats and guide you in the right direction. You will feel like you are in the 1920s. Concerts and burlesque shows are held here.
    • Hedwig’s (12-14 Stradomska Street) - is a spectacular bar under the Gothic vaulted ceiling of a 14th-century chapel. It delights with its design and unique atmosphere. Although the phenomenon of this interior has been written about by media all over Europe, you need to know how to get here because no signboard directs you from the street. It’s worth coming to Hedwig’s for the cocktails and snacks. Every weekend there are parties with DJs.

    In Zabłocie:

    • Salute Bar (4 Romanowicza St.) is my favorite place for Italian Negroni and lighter cocktails such as the Aperitivo. It has an excellent food menu with the best Italian flavors and Spanish tapas.
    • wine bars krako slow wines.png


    In Kazimierz:

    • Trzy Cztery (34 Krakowska St.) - a casual, intimate wine bar from Kraków’s Kazimierz district with delicious food and a satisfying selection of natural wines.
    • CiutCiut - Wine Bar & Shop (6 Krakowska St.). An atmospheric bar with a vast but strongly considered wine selection. Strong representation of bottles from Poland.

    In the Old Town:

    • Dzikie Wino (27 Main Market Square) - probably the best thing that has happened to Kraków’s Main Square in this century. Right next to the legendary Piwnica pod Baranami, you’ll find the best wines from Polish vineyards.
    • Also, check out Dzikie Wino na Kleparzu (both a store and wine bar with Polish wines in Stary Kleparz).
    • BAQARO (at Stary Kleparz Market) offers Venetian flavors and affordable alcoholic beverages (including wine and spritzers) in a prime location. At BAQARO’s second location (11 Rakowickaj St.), in addition to the typical Venetian fare served in Kleparz, you can try an Italian specialty—Pinsa Romana, the crispy, light cousin of pizza.

    In Zabłocie:

    • Krako Slow Wines (6F Lipowa St.): At this wine bar, you will drink wines from Central Europe (Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Georgia, Romania, and others). In summer, you will sit in a nice micro-garden.
    • multitapy.jpg


    In the past, going out for a beer might have been associated with a typical student activity. But since a wave of craft brewing has flooded Poland, we know more and more about beers, appreciate them more and more, and want to taste them as much as we do wines. Kraków boasts a sizable list of establishments with craft beers:

    • In the Old Town: Viva la Pinta (13 Florianska Street), Multi Qlti Tap Bar (21 Szewska Street), BroPub (11 Stradomska Street).
    • In Kazimierz: Craftownia (22 Św. Wawrzyńca St.), Weźże Krafta (16 Dajwór St.), Szklanki (19 Jakuba St.), Nowy Kraftowy (8 Nowy Square), Omerta (1 Warszauera St.), Cudny Józef (8 Józefa St.) and Strefa Piwa (6 Józefa St.). The self-service multitap Nalej Se is an interesting place in Galeria Kazimierz.
    • In Stare Podgórze, find Spoko Pub - with breakfast on the weekend and barbecues in the summer. On the other hand, Techie’s (11 Na Zjeździe St.) is the realm of tacos and meat sandwiches.


Unique and mouthwatering flavours that are nowehere to be found but here. The places and dishes I will present here are true treasures of the culinary heritage of Małopolska, where chefs masterfully combine local ingredients into authentic delicacies of the region.

    • gaska.jpeg


    1 Limanowskiego St.
    District: Stare Podgórze

    Gąska means goose - you don’t have to be Sherlock to guess this restaurant’s specialty. Here, you will eat a solid Polish dinner. The portions are huge, and the food is honest and tasty. I really like their soups, dumplings and stuffed cabbage rolls gołąbki, which are available in both meat and vegetarian versions. With a few days’ notice, you can order a whole roast goose for 6 hungry people.

    SEE NEARBY: Podgórski Square, Bednarski Park

    • cechowa.jpg


    11 Jagiellońska St.
    District: Stare Miasto

    More affordable than the iconic Pod Baranem restaurant, Cechowa offers simple Polish dishes. You can eat herring, tartar beefsteak, beef in horseradish sauce, and excellent soups: żurek, red borscht, and rosół. There’s nothing to discuss regarding the restaurant’s decor, so please focus on the food!

    SEE NEARBY: Main Market Square, Planty Park

    • kaplony_szczezuje.jpg


    7 Izaaka St.
    District: Kazimierz

    Creative chef Aleksander Baron is known throughout Poland for his boldness in the kitchen. This is the right address to learn about Polish cuisine from hundreds of years ago. You won’t find tourist dishes here. Instead, you will try duck
    tongues, hare, quail, and calf’s brain. Rest assured, the menu also includes vegetarian dishes and suggestions for less adventurous gourmets. The restaurant boasts an extensive collection of Polish vodkas and distillates.

    SEE NEARBY: Izaak Synagogue, Old Synagogue

    • andrus.jpg


    Skwer Judah
    District: Kazimierz

    11 Sienna St.
    District: Stare Miasto

    At the Judah food truck square, maczanka po krakowsku is served as it used to be: as street food. These excellent slow-cooked pork sandwiches are built from seasonal and regional products. No wonder Andrus was featured in the first street food edition of the Gault&Millau Guide. Although it started with a food truck, today you can eat at Andrus just off
    the Main Market Square at Sienna Street. Start with the classic version with fermented cucumber and cumin, and look out for seasonal items as well.

    • PodBaranem.jpg


    21 Św. Gertrudy St.
    District: Stare Miasto

    At the Pod Baranem restaurant, you can enjoy soups, fish, meats (including venison), the iconic maczanka po krakowsku, and roast goose. Here you will meet refined waiters who will serve you with attention and respect.The restaurant is full of antiques and photographs depicting important guests who have dined here over the years. The artwork by Polish artist Edward Dwurnik is also on display.

    SEE NEARBY: Wawel Royal Castle

    • kluska.jpg


    7 Plac Szczepański
    District: Stare Miasto

    An hour’s drive from Krakow is Silesia, and in this region there are completely different flavors and culinary traditions. We Cracovians like them very much, so I encourage you to eat at Kluska. What is kluska śląska, the Silesian dumpling? It is a round dumpling with a hole. We can compare it to Italian gnocchi because it also contains potatoes. Silesian dumplings are served with various sauces - meat, mushroom, cream... This is a must-try! You will find very good homemade Polish dishes in this restaurant, such as żurek, pierogi, and a huge kotlet schabowy (pork chop).

    SEE NEARBY: MNK The Szołayski - National Museum of Krakow

    • SMAKOŁYKI.jpg


    28 Straszewskiego St.
    District: Stare Miasto

    A simple, casual restaurant with a few dozen tables that are frequently occupied. Smakołyki is very popular among Cracovians, the place is also liked by both students and tourists. No wonder: the food is always fresh and tasty, and
    the portions are generous. I have tried many things here and have never been disappointed. The apple of the eye of the Smakołyki’s owner is the red borscht, so be sure to try it. It’s also the right direction if you’re looking for good gołąbki
    (stuffed cabbage rolls) and pierogies, a large pork chop and a gushing butter de’volaille cutlet. Rest assured, vegetarians will also be pleased with the selection of dishes.

    SEE NEARBY: Museum of the Jagiellonian University, Planty Park

    • rajsk_ogrod.jpg


    8 Rajska St.
    District: Stare Miasto

    Probably the only restaurant in Krakow where you will try caraway soup! Rajski Ogród has many more local dishes to offer, among them the famous maczanka po krakowsku. Although located in the very center of the city, it is a local’s secret. It is on quiet Rajska Street, hence the bistro’s name. It’s worth keeping your eyes on żurek (sour rye soup), crispy potato pancakes, handmade pierogies, pork chops, and bigos (hunter’s stew). Very affordable prices!

    SEE NEARBY: Małopolska Garden of Art (MOS)

    • cukiernia.png


    Ask for piszinger (thin wafers layered with chocolate and nut cream), kremówka (impressive puff pastry cake layered with pudding cream and whipped cream), pączek (doughnut with rose jam), WZ (a cocoa sponge cake with whipped cream), sernik (cheesecake) and szarlotka (apple pie). You will be teleported to the Polish 1980s! My favorite old-school pastry shops are:

    • Czarodziej (15 Karmelicka St.)
    • Cichowski (21 Starowiślna St.)
    • Michałek (6 Krupnicza St.)
    • Śliwa (8 Królewska St.)
    • Starowicz (32 Św. Wawrzyńca St.)
    • pstrag.png


    • Cracow cheesecake
    • Ojcowski Trout
    • wines from Malopolska
    • obwarzanek (Check out the Museum of obwarzanek in Kraków, 4 Paderewskiego Street)
    • NEW-WAVE.png


    In Kraków’s bakeries, cafes, and delicatessens, look out for these products:

    • Ferment’s Up kombucha - is refreshing, delicious, and healthy. I recommend the rose flavor the most.
    • Kombucha Baddi - natural probiotic kombucha based on green tea and herbs.
    • Shroom Drink is a functional drink made in Kraków. It adds energy or relaxes—you choose the variant of the drink you need.
    • Dai to se - crunchy sauces based on chili oil and crunch of various peppers and a dozen other natural ingredients. This is not an import from Asia! Dai to se sauces are made near Kraków.
    • Mount Caramel syrups are natural caramel-based syrups without artificial flavors. Ideal for coffee and ice cream desserts!


Exhibiting at or visiting the EXPO Kraków? You might need a restaurant nearby. After a busy day at the fair, eating something delicious in a friendly atmosphere is necessary. Regardless of your culinary preferences, near EXPO Kraków you will find establishments serving traditional Polish cuisine and international specialties, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding foodies. Take a look at my suggestions for discovering the culinary riches of Kraków.

    • norma23.png


    5 Życzkowskiego St.
    District: Czyżyny

    I’ve already mentioned Norma in the section on places perfect for lunch. Here, pasta lovers can choose from all shapes and sauces. Delicious menu, relaxed atmosphere, friendly service - what more do you need? Oh, a tiramisu. Definitely order that one.

    SEE NEARBY: Aviation Museum, Polish Aviators Park

    • viale-verde24.png


    Atal Business Center, 81 Aleja Pokoju
    District: Czyżyny

    Chef Michał Góra has made sure that all dishes are prepared with fresh, quality products and polished to perfection. It’s worth dropping in here for burgers, steak, smoked beef tartare, tomato and bell pepper cream, and shrimp soup. What’s more - they have delicious desserts!

    SEE NEARBY: Nowa Huta District

    • CUBEbaldy.JPG


    41A Centralna Street
    District: Czyżyny

    What’s not to find in this complex: a climbing wall, a Finnish sauna, a chillout area, good coffee, and last but not least, vegetarian and vegan food. It’s a place with a modern twist. The menu changes monthly.

    SEE NEARBY: Kraków Arcade Museum

    • przestrzenie nowohuckie.jpg


    232 Jana Pawła II alley
    District: Nowa Huta

    Such a place in Huta has been missing for a long time! You will eat lots of good food here, including pizza, panuozzo, and burgers from the iconic street food hero Gruba Buła. Thirsty people get cocktails and beer here. I stop by here for the pizza of the week and seasonal novelties. And after the meal - a stroll through the meadows of Nowa Huta!

    SEE NEARBY: Plac Centralny Square, Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, Zalew Nowohucki Reservoir