How to make money on science? - satellite session (Monday 11th, 12.30-14.00)

Session is organized by LifeScience Kraków Cluster and moderated by Mr. Kazimierz Murzyn, its Managing Director.

One of the main purposes of the session is to help achieve direct networking between science and business sectors by presenting various models of technology transfer and by presenting the offer of Technology Transfer Centers - some of them will directly represent the scientific institutions participating in the Congress.

The session is addressed mainly to companies and entrepreneurs from the following industries: pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, agricultural, food, biotechnological, ecological and bioenergetic.

The session program will include:

  • Keynote: lecture of an expert in technology transfer in the field of life science and biotechnology
  • Presentations of the exhibitors of the Technology Transfer Zone
  • Panel discussion: "How to make money on science?"
  • How to make money on science? - poster session (Tuesday, 12th: 9.30 – 11:00)